Songwriting Collaboration & Consultationsongwriting collaboration

Every song is unique. It is yours. Your expression must be dynamic. In our songwriting collaboration, I support your process of putting life into each word, nurturing energies in the sound that are deeper, richer, grittier, edgier, more balanced, rhythmic, constant, deliberate, telling, and influential. This is not a song critique. My songwriting consultation promises you a more emotional ride, accessing your own intuition in order to find a kind of spiritual grit that translates throughout the notes and the patterns along the song’s transitions.

When I was five years old, I told stories through lyrics and notes that I wrote with deep intention with pencil and paper, lying belly on the floor with my toes in the air. I made spiritual connections and put them into song. This is how I work with music. This is how I see and feel and move notes in the air in front of my mind’s eye. I have this talent, because I am meant to share it with you.

If you want your song to be gutsy, it takes more than heart. It takes spiritual connection to YOURSELF. All I do is help you access that through your music.


The Songwriting Collaboration & Consultation Process:

YOU: Have a gutsy song idea or an intense song written and ready to pitch.

ME: Show me what you’ve got. Let me hear it. I will invite you to match my innate extreme intensities as I share with you what I see and feel in the music and suggest where you can add emotional moments across the spectrum that align with your unique essence and add the musical message you are wanting to share. Your own truth must come across in your music, and I am like a truth-meter that can identify how authentic you are in your own powerful expression. You were designed to rock like no one else.


Work with me for 45 minutes via phone or Skype at a rate of $400