Aligned Movement for the Longevity of the Songwriter


The significance of aligned movement practices is taking total charge of your physical body that will carry you through life. Don’t dick around with it. You matter. The world needs you to be around for a while.

Intentional movement brings focus to any creative endeavor. You need to move to breathe. To ignite. To play. To sing. There are parallels between dynamic physical movement and creativity. The ability to move with flexibility, strength, power, and presence allows a channeling of creativity.

Playful and aligned movement will keep you fit and healthy for the ages. Let’s take a look at what the Focused Tension program entails:

  • Zone Exercises allow you to “Work IN,” something you can do every day or when you don’t have the mental or physical energy to “Work OUT.”
  • Stretching for specific movement patterns and defects corrects mis-alignments and tights spots that inhibit many of the necessary physical capabilities of the artist.
  • Cardio activity is essential for singers and performers.
  • Strength Training using your bodyweight and a swiss ball (stability ball) builds a foundation of strength and mobility that can power your performance throughout life.


I am a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, certified CHEK health coach, yoga teacher, and nutritious movement specialist. I can take your movement patterns out of pain and dysfunction and add elements of focus, intention, strategic development, and positive growth. My intuition works with my knowledge and training to assess your priorities and bring an ease and flow to your training program.

Sign up to work with me either monthly or on a six month contract. 

Basic Program

Month to month program receives a basic plan with limited customization.

Program cost = $68/month

Expanded Program

Six month program receives a basic plan with expanded customization, prioritized pre-launch assessment, and monthly assessments with program reconfiguration as needed

Program cost = $762 (one time payment) or $147/month payment plan 

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Expanded Program - 6 monthly payments


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