Aligned Movement / Corrective Exercise

Movement is pleasure. Aligned movement is spectacular. Breathe into the space. Become who you are in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, tiny toes. Arms that embrace life. Be gone stiffness. Create stage presence. Be part of your core. Sing from a deeper part of you. Pull strength from your body and jam it into your song. Dedicate yourself to a physical practice for creative purpose and significance.

The significance of corrective exercise and aligned movement practices is taking total charge of your physical body that will carry you through life. Don’t dick around with it. You matter. The world needs you to be around for a while.

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I treat nutrition as an art. There is beauty in the simplicity of it. But rather than designing custom nutrition programs for you, I let you be the creative director of your own nutrition plan, using cool web tools that allow a flexibility of approach.

Nutrition keeps it real. Food goes beyond pleasure to be a life-sustaining substance, capable of supporting you through the creative process and beyond.

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