Hey, my name is Dana Hutchins, and I’m with Focused Tension, the heart of music for creative songwriters. I have fucking passion for what I do, which is songwriting and keeping fellow musicians on the road, pounding their hearts out, free of drugs, stimulants, injury and recreational disasters.

You’re brilliant, but I can make you better. That’s what I do. I provide nutrition and movement expertise for artists, and songwriting support services that help you bring the grit and flow to your song that you’re looking for (learn about that here). Most information available to musicians in terms of nutrition and movement for longevity and vitality is dogmatic and insensitive to the needs of the creative lifestyle. I have extensive professional education in the field of nutrition and movement (you can read about that below), but my approach is like nothing you’ve seen.

The reason I do what I do is because the world needs you, as an artist, as a songwriter and musician, to bring people to another level. I just happen to be talented as hell at the spiritual level to be able to do that for you. Call me a muse or a best friend – either way, I’m able to raise your vibe up to where it has the potential to be to really serve humanity, to rock people, and to blow up hearts. Let’s do it together.


Professional education & experience:


  • Biomechanical alignment and corrective exercise
  • Psychology, performance & flow states
  • Stress and the body’s essential systems
  • Functional diagnostic nutrition
  • Raw food and healing nutrition
  • Ayurveda and yoga
  • Meditation, prana/qi, and spiritual practice
  • Angels, intuition, shamanic work and the spiritual vibrations
  • 20 years in top-level personnel and change management
  • Music industry professional experience
  • Professional musician, singer/songwriter

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