The creative process for the intense artist doesn’t allow for physical pain, digestion problems, cranky joints, headaches, or any other ailment that impedes the process that you’re invested in.

Pain is well known as a part of the artist’s life. Repetitive motions (think painting, singing or strumming with one shoulder joint in a different position than the opposite), lifestyle (e.g. sitting too much), and lack of variety of movement as well as emotions wreak havoc on the body, changing joint configuration, creating tension in muscles, keeping posture from being upright, and generally getting your body down.

When emotions run high, you can do your best work. When you’re intuitive, you’re tapped into something that allows you to create. Fixing your body so that it works right enhances your art and doesn’t have to take away from your natural sensitivities. Your intensity is not a disease to be corrected. You’re one of the normal ones, while everyone else is asleep. But knowing how to keep your physical body in good health by bringing it back into a flexible and versatile balance after every creative session is ESSENTIAL.

Corrective exercises are designed to restore the body back to its original state of ease, stacking joints the way they were intended to be to allow for pain-free and vital movement. These are simple movements that, along with basic lifestyle adjustments, can correctly lengthen and strengthen tight and weak muscles that support joints and return the body back to its original alignment.