Sometimes making a decision about what to eat for a meal on a busy or tired day can be as easy as checking your freezer, provided you have taken the time to prepare a few easy meals.


Meals planned in advance, whether they be for one person or an entire family, should be a creative endeavor enjoyed on a day of relaxation. If you take the time to create a few meals that can be frozen, you have fresh, delicious food at your fingertips, food that tastes like the love you put into it. Do you want to know how much better that tastes than a frozen store-bought dinner or restaurant meal? It tastes like mom’s specialty recipe. It feels like warmth and home and goodness and love. And if you’re busy or tired, that’s often exactly what you need.


Start with what you love to eat: Veggie enchiladas? Mouth-watering lasagna? Slow-cooked chili? Thick and rich soup? Your favorite curry dish? Choose balanced recipes using fresh, local, organic ingredients that satisfy the taste buds as well as nutritional needs. Keep recipes simple, using as few ingredients as possible. Your mind and body will appreciate the simplicity and wholesomeness of a mid-week meal that doesn’t weigh you down with extra ingredients.


Finish with what you love to do: Enjoy. There is such joy in the simple pleasure of eating  a meal you have prepared yourself. Heat your meal on the stove or in the oven rather than the microwave (See Article), and you will find your taste buds and general health will benefit.


Finding time to create a fresh meal three times a day can be challenging for busy lifestyles. Healthy habits are made by planning routines as well as flexible options. Why order a pizza or swing through the drive-through when you can shop in your own freezer? Always having some fresh veggies or salad on hand completes the meal.


Living an artistic life requires commitment to a lifestyle. And that lifestyle can be so easy with a little attention to detail and balance. The detail is the way in which we design our time to address realistic patterns in our lives. The balance is the way in which we respect our need to flow creatively, including our tastes for different foods.


What can you do to live a more simple, creative life in the kitchen?