Focused Tension is where the musician

finds freedom from boundaries

Focused Tension Helps Musicians


  • Claim your unique expression and deliver a dynamic sound
  • Move your body with ease and strength to empower the entire creative process
  • Prioritize your health for longevity – do what you love for life

Be More Awake

Songwriting Collaboration & Consultation

Aligned Movement / Corrective Exercise



I help intense artists to survive in the mundane world who struggle with:


  • Frustration with boundaries and limitations
  • Anxiety and depression outside of the creative process
  • Creative blocks
  • Substance abuse
  • Out of alignment in the physical body
  • Nutritional excess or deficiency
  • Understanding and accepting your unique creative process
  • Relationships with non-artists
  • Getting deep without losing yourself (and finding methods outside of mind-altering substances)


  • Maintaining personal integrity
  • Rejecting popular values without rejecting yourself
  • Fighting the good fight
  • Igniting the fire in your fans
  • Trust in the people who love you (including yourself)
  • Being a force in the world without hesitation
  • Being a perfectionist the right way
  • Dealing with rejection while trusting your intuition

Most of my clients are working artists who continuously push themselves to achieve levels of creativity that outshine their past work. They are innovators, rebels, outcasts, anxious and afraid, depressed and dark, brilliant, focused, riding highs and lows, relaxing in between, and in almost constant need of validation for their existence in this world.

Dana is a provocative lyricist, invoking a superb creative style in her collaboration with songwriters of all genres. She allows space within her work with her clients that brings heat, tension, grit, flight, and her big fucking heart. Her artistry spoke to my heart, and I want to tell you that she is worth every moment you spend with her.

Dana is such a sweet and funny person, which is why we’ve been friends for over 25 years. I’ve always trusted whatever she is doing in life is honest, smart and real. She is also one of my favorite musicians and people. 

Chris Cornell

Many of us struggle maintaining discipline that allows us to create and perform on demand. Working with Dana was empowering because she believed in the power of my mind to seek and know the power of my own choices. Progress can be slow when you are working with other people, but Dana’s limitless approach is a refreshing change when understanding of the artist’s essential unique approach to life is bad ass.


Professional Musician

Dana’s collaborative process was so cool, I really felt like I was a solo lyricist. I was amazed at how far she could take me on the songwriting journey. She works with an underlying energy, it feels like riding a wave. My song went from pretty awesome to amazing in its intensity that truly brings out my soul. You’ve got to give this a try!

Rebecca M.

Being a musician, I go through pretty intense creative cycles where I’m either lounging around writing or jumping around on stage. My body didn’t feel very good the next day. I used to take Advil like candy. Dana is an alignment specialist, she worked with my body’s natural tendencies and the way that I used to screw it up as an emotional musician, which is everything. It took about six months to get myself performance ready, and I found myself being able to capture more creativity when writing, my voice projects in ways it never has before, I have more vocal control, and my stage presence is powerful.

Penelope L.

Significance (Song)

Find me on the street Bound in chains Wonder in my keep Refrain Purposeful unwanted Finding it in the deep Never happen to anyone Fallen in the story Made for all who weep Never again my love Forgotten soul I betray Never again my heart Believe me when I say Seven...

The Artist in Physical Pain

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